Saturday, August 21, 2010

From A Blog To A Book

I've always wanted to write a book, especially about Elvis. Having blogged for a couple of years now (August 16 marked the three year anniversary of Elvis Today) I realized I've sort of written one already.

So after some thinking, what I've decided to do, is to collect the 271 posts I've penned from August 16, 2007 to January 8, 2010 in a book, with the working title The Elvis Today Blog Vol. 1. I've already made a deal with a freelance journalist who will do the layout. As it happens, it's one of my brothers, and what he needs to get started, are all the posts included in a Word-document file.

So what I'm doing right now is a lot of “copy and paste,” going through each post and making corrections when necessary. For example, in the beginning I wrote the title of an album inside quotation marks, like “Elvis Is Back” but after a while started to use italics instead, like Elvis Is Back. Another problem is what to do with all the links and a sentence like “You'll find it here.”

Although it's slow work, I'm making steady progress. If all goes according to plan the book will be ready sometime this autumn, as a pdf-file, and then uploaded to, where you can print your own book on demand. As I understand it, Blurb also features a bookstore where you can choose to put your book up for sale.

So in a way, what I'm doing now is fulfilling a dream I've had for a long time. I'm looking forward to holding my very own book in my hands in the near future. And if you're interested in a copy, just let me know!


Troy Y. said...

That's great news! Please count me in as wanting a copy.

Thomas said...

Your name is on the top of the list, Troy!

Anonymous said...

I don't know you. But having read your comments I thing it's a great idea.

Stick to it!!!

A friend thru Elvis.


Anonymous said...

All your fine writing here is a great accomplishment already, but a collected version would indeed be something nice to enjoy and hold onto.