Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Karaoke Thanks To The Rolling Sea

Last Sunday was my sister's birthday, and she celebratet in style, inviting friends and family to a 24 hour cruise in the Baltic Sea. We dined well, danced and ... sang karaoke.

I know I've written about my foundness for singing in front of a TV screen before. Therefore, it might come as no surprise to you that I took to the stage with the microphone in my hand as soon as I got the chance.

I usually go for the late 60's or early 70's stuff, but this time around I decided to boldly atempt something from Blue Hawaii. Thanks to an attentive woman in the audience (my wife!) this historical occasion (?) was recorded by the help of a digital camera. Unfortunately, or maybe thankfully, she held the camera sideways, so I can't show you the picture. But here's the soundtrack:

Not exactly like Elvis' character Chad sounded when he performed "Rock-A-Hula Baby" at his welcome home party. But the ending is pretty decent, I think.

Other songs I tried out that night included "Always On My Mind" and "I Just Can't Help Believin'" but they were not recorded, at least not to my knowledge. Then again, maybe once is enough.


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