Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Elvis Today interviews

Living in Sweden, I was disappointed that the Swedish Television (SVT) didn't rise to the occasion on the day that should've been Elvis' 75th birthday. No movie, no documentary, no television special, nothing.

Fortunately the Swedish Radio (SR) paid better attention; many of the local radio stations around the country played Elvis records, held competitions and broadcast shows about him. Two of the stations even did interviews with me!

Early in the morning I got a call from a guy running a radio show on Radio Kalmar, in the south-east of Sweden. Turned out he knew a former colleague of mine who'd told him I ran a blog about Elvis. He asked if I would like to talk about the blog on the air, and of course I said yes.

We did the interview a couple of hours later, and I thought it went pretty well. Not only did we talk about my blog and the things I write on it, I also got to explain how much Elvis music means to me and what period I prefer with Elvis and why. The interview ended with the presenter playing "Suspicious Minds" which was a nice coincidence, as it gave me a chance to talk about one of my latest posts.

Listen to the interview (It's in Swedish!)

I then wrote on Facebook about my adventures on the radio, and a short while later another local radio station called. This time the call was from SR Sjuhärad, located in the city of Borås, between Kalmar and Gothenburg, where I live. They too, wanted to do an interview with me about Elvis and my blog, and so I ended the day having done two interviews on the radio.


Anonymous said...

I too found little celebration for Elvis on his 75th! There were a number of blog posts around though - this one is nice -

Unknown said...

Elvis turned 75...check out this killer article: