Monday, September 15, 2008

Elvis the game

A couple of years ago I bought an Elvis board game to one of my brothers. I ordered it from the fan club in Great Britain but it was manufactured in the USA and came with a sticker that said it was a E.P.E. official product.

What it also should have had was a sticker saying it's impossible to play if you're not an Elvis expert and that sometimes even that isn't enough. In other words, this is not a game you play with a couple of friends who's not into Elvis Presley.

The rules are simple enough: "Answer questions in five separate categories as you relive the magical moments from the live and career of Elvis Presley. Correct answers earn players Gold Record Albums. Be the first to return to Graceland with a collection of five different albums and you win the game!"

But the questions are another matter altogether. Here are some examples:

1. In October 1956 Elvis performed at the Cotton Bowl in front of almost 30,000 fans. What did he wear? A) Orange shirt/black pants B) Green Coat/navy blue pants C) Frilly white shirt/green pants

2. Who was the booking agent for The Louisiana Hayride show? A) Charles Feathers B) Mississippi Slim C) Pappy Covington

3. Of the following groups, which did NOT perform with Elvis at the July 4, 1956 benefit concert in Memphis? A) The Confederate Barbershop Quartet B) The Dancing Dixie Dolls C) The Tulsa Troubadores

Not very easy, eh? In all fairness, many of the questions are a lot simpler than that, but there are enough of the tough ones to make only the most fanatic of Elvis fans willing to play this game, that's for sure. Me and my brother played it once together with our third brother who's not an Elvis fan, but we haven't touched it since.

Not until a week ago when my brother gave it back to me. Just like me, he's moving to another town, and asked me if I wanted it. If not, he was going to give it away. So I took it back, but not before we had a quick look at some of the questions again. Turned out it was just as hard this time around...


Anonymous said...

Hard?! It's impossible! ;-)

Thomas said...

That would have been a good title for this posting: "Elvis the game - It's impossible!" Or maybe "Elvis the game - Not such an easy question!"

Mike Edwards said...

I have this game. I have wore one out actually and picked up another one in Memphis a few years ago. I agree that some of the questions are pretty hard, but overall I found this somewhat easy. Maybe that is because I have played it so many times. I have not played it in a long time though because no one wants to play. I will say I like it better then the latest addition that came out four or five years ago. It has many questions that have the wrong answers to go along with them. Also I did not like the concept as well. I still enjoy either one when I get the chance to play though.

Thomas said...

Imagine meeting up in Memphis sometime and, after a visit to Graceland, play the game, maybe over a beer. That would be cool.

Mike Edwards said...

Man, that would be cool. Let me know next time your in Memphis and I am down. I am always looking for a reason to jump over to the other side of that state and visit Memphis!