Sunday, December 9, 2007

Why can't they get the head right?

The other day I walked past a gift store selling, among other things, Elvis Presley action figures made by McFarlane Toys. I went inside, and looking at the Blue Hawaii Elvis, I was once more reminded that I've never seen a figure of Elvis where the face looks quite right.

The same seems to be true when it comes to statues of Elvis. One example of this is the life-sized Elvis Aloha statue that was revealed this summer on the site where the historic satellite concert was broadcast back in 1973.

I'm the first to admit the bronze statue is an impressing sight and a fitting tribute but once again, I think there is something wrong with the face. Maybe it's the look in the eyes, or rather, the lack of life in the eyes.

Maybe that's the explanation, that it's impossibly to recreate a decent image of Elvis face with his eyes open. Judging by McFarlanes '68 Comeback Special figure (one that I own myself) that just might be true. This figure is, at least in my opinion, the best of the bunch, and Elvis eyes are closed.

Next year McFarlane will release another figure from the comeback, this one from the closing segment of the show where Elvis sings "If I Can Dream". This one looks like a good effort, and Elvis do have his eyes closed here too.

Or is the simple solution that the face of Elvis from his Comeback Special is the one easiest to recreate?

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