Thursday, December 6, 2007

I really dig this

A while back I ordered the two FTD records Pot Luck and Something For Everybody from Now Dig This. Pretty quick I received the latter as the former wasn't released at the time. Then when I got Pot Luck it came together with another copy of Something For Everybody.

Being a nice guy I returned copy number two and in return was told that I was going to get the next two issues of Elvis - The Man And His Music to cover my postage. Obviously, they were nice guys, too.

Anyway, this week I found my first issue, no 78, waiting for me in the mail, and it was an interesting read. I especially liked the interview with Tickle Me co-star Edward Faulkner who played Brad Bentley in the movie.

I can't recall doing too many takes. We'd rehearse a couple of times, then maybe do one or two takes, and if Mr Taurog liked what he saw he'd print it," Faulkner tells the magazine. (Sounds a bit like Ed Wood to me!)

"But the movie was fun to make," he continues, and reading that makes me wish I could tell him it's fun to watch.

Other interesting stuff is an article where Canadian jazz drummer Arni May shares his memories of when he became part of a local 16 piece band playing behind Elvis own band on stage in the Ottawa Auditorium. "They wanted us to play behind them because they liked the sound of the band."

It's stories like these I like the most with The Man And His Music. That is, stories told about Elvis from those who were there when it happened, who worked with him or knew him.

That's why I'm looking forward to my next issue, and that's why I'm gonna take out a subscription after that.

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