Monday, October 29, 2007

A house that has Elvis-things

This weekend an old friend of my wife together with her son, who is four years old, paid us a visit. And as is often the case when it comes to young kids, they do tend to notice some of the Elvis stuff I have laying around.

I concentrate on records, DVDs and books when it comes to Elvis. But being an Elvis fan makes me an easy target for receiving Elvis merchandise as gifts. Most of it I wouldn't dream of buying myself, but some of it I have become quite attached to over the years.

One of those things is an Elvis clock that I have in the kitchen, you know the kind where the legs are swinging back and forth. This was a gift from my sister maybe fifteen years ago, and whenever there is a child in our home they zoom in on it. Some of them start to do a little dance, clearly inspired by Elvis shaking his legs, while others stare at it in fascination.

This time, my wife's friends kid looked at it and asked what my brother was doing on the wall. He does know I have a brother, but not what he looks like, so either I'm looking as Elvis (yeah, right!) or the face on the clock is a really lousy image of the King.

Another Elvis toy that I like is my own Hound Dog. This gift my parents got me and after the first chock I now think it's really cool. Apparently, so do kids, because when one of my brothers visited me, his nearly one year old child stared hypnotized at it when it performed. And every time she was carried in the room her eyes fell on it. This is what she experienced:

In all fairness I have received some other Elvis gifts over the years that are not on public display in my home. One of them is a giant clock in black and gold that plays "Don't Be Cruel" and "Hound Dog" alternately every hour. That one is in the closet. It's an ugly thing, I can tell you that!

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