Friday, October 19, 2007

Elvis Web 2.0

Have you heard about Web 2.0? Well, you're looking at a small part of it right now. I learned today that it's the name for all the new communities and services on the Internet where the users themselves generate and distribute content, such as blogs, Facebook and Youtube.

Elvis is alive and well on Web 2.0. Take Youtube, for example. Search for "Elvis Presley" and you get over 27 000 hits! Pick a video, and when you've watched it you can post a comment and share your thoughts with others (another definition of the term Web 2.0).

The one Elvis video that has been viewed most times on Youtube is Unchained Melody from June 21, 1977. Since it was posted a year ago it has been played more than 2 million times and 3 600 comments have been made!

A quick search reveals that videos from Elvis CBS TV Special are popular on Youtube. Elvis Presley Enterprises should take notice of this and releases Elvis In Concert on DVD together with the complete shows from June 19 and 21 as a nice bonus. Maybe someone should tell them about Web 2.0?

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dutchkendy said...

I, like you suggested, rediscovered Elvis via the Internet. Elvis 1965 on Netflix. I can't believe, how he could rock out and what a musical talent he I was a teenager iwhen he died and he was made fun of at that point. We laughed at the black velvet paintings sold at woolworth's and thought he was just too "cheesy Vegas". Now I can't get my hands on enough music, books and DVDs. Thank you for your blog.