Friday, January 8, 2021

Pictures Of Elvis

I remember it took both time and effort to draw this back in 1985.

Not a day goes by without Elvis taking part in my life in some way or the other. Today, on Elvis birthday no less, I rediscovered an old drawing I made in the middle 80's, inspired by the RCA 50th Anniversary Series.

I don't know what it's like in other countries, but here in Sweden, each apartment usually has its own storage in the basement. Having moved to a bigger apartment last year, you can imagine what it looks like in our storage. Lots of boxes full of stuff.

Anyway, today I went down there because my four year old son was missing some of his children books I had retired, thinking he was a bit old for them. Finding them surprisingly fast, I then spotted a box containing books I had when I was a kid. Thinking there might be something there for my ten year old daughter, I opened the lid. Leafing through the books inside, I saw nothing she would be remotely interested in. 

But just as I was to put the lid back on I spotted a folder with some drawings inside. I recognized the top one right away and was transported back in time, remembering how I painstakingly had tried to draw not one, but five versions of Elvis, each one representing a certain point in his career.

I must have had a lot of patience when I was younger.

Together with the books, I took the drawing with me up to the apartment. Looking at it now, I think I nailed the jumpsuits pretty well (three of the five versions of Elvis were from the 70's as I thought that was the coolest period), and the hairstyles on the other two (from the 50's and the 60's) aren't half bad. But the faces on all five leaves a lot to be desired. Clearly, I couldn't get them right. Although the letters "ELVIS" and the 50th Anniversary-logo turned out ok. 

All in all, it was nice getting reacquainted with a drawing I did in 1985. Maybe I should have it framed?


Kees said...

It turned out better than my attempts ever would :-)

MĂ„rtenbrother said...

You should put this up in a gold frame!
I can actually remember some of the photos you used for this cool drawing, as some of them are from the Flaming Star magazine I subscribed to.
How about doing another one? :-)

Thomas said...

Thanks Kees, appreciate it :-)

That's right MĂ„rtenbrother, I remember it now! Wasn't the 60's Elvis on the cover of one of the Flaming Star magazines? Hmm, another drawing? I don't think so, I'll stick to writing about Elvis :-) But maybe a gold frame for this one!

K-G said...

Nice story son Elvis lives forever in our family over the generations!

Thomas said...

Thank you K-G, that's true, he really does!