Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Writing For Elvis International

Currently on parental leave with my one and a half year old daughter I don't have as much time for Elvis as I used to before I became a father. So I have to choose carefully what I want to do Elvis wise with what spare moments I have, usually when she's tucked in for the night. The last two months I have given priority to writing an article about the Follow That Dream (FTD) collector's label for Elvis International magazine.

It all started with an e-mail right before Christmas from Phil Arnold, who runs the ElvisBlog and is a regular contributor to the magazine. He'd noted that I'd posted over 100 articles dealing with FTD, and asked me if I was interested in writing something about the label for the magazine, in the way of a general overview.

I thought about it during the Holidays and decided that it was an offer I couldn't refuse, as Elvis International magazine seems like an excellent publication. So I came up with the idea of focusing on the CD's in the series, how they have developed during the 13 years the label has existed, and how listening to studio outtakes and live concerts can help you get a feel for how Elvis approached his work.

Phil Arnold and the editor, Darwin Lamm, liked my idea, so I went ahead with it, illustrating my story with some examples, taken from FTD classic albums as well as soundboard recordings. I ended the article with a look at the "what if" albums FTD has put together, like Standing Room Only and Elvis Sings Guitar Man.

Earlier this week I sent the article to the graphic artist who puts the magazine together, after learning that it will come out prior to August 16, so it can be sold at Graceland during Elvis Week. It's a good feeling knowing that what I wrote will be read by fans such as myself in Memphis. And maybe Ernst Jorgensen himself will notice it, too!

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