Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hilarious Duke Bardwell Video

Elvis' bass player Duke Bardwell sure seems like a funny guy. I just watched a special YouTube video Duke recently recorded together with his trusty horse (!) to promote the April 2012 Original Elvis Tribute tour in Europe and especially the opening show at Vara Konserthus (Vara Concert Hall) on April 7.

It was Arjan Deelen, the tour manager, who sent me the link to the video. He also wrote that "Those of you who are fortunate enough to know Duke Bardwell (or ‘Unca Duke’ to his friends) will no doubt agree on the fact that he’s a big hearted guy with a wonderful sense of humor." And although I don't know him I'm inclined to agree. The video is hilarious.

Duke himself played bass on over 180 shows together with Presley back in the mid 70's. Looking back on his association with Elvis, he says in an interview from 2010: "It was the most magnificent thing musically that ever happened to me…"

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