Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Thing Called Love

One of the topics I try to cover here on my blog are personal memories I've had through the years having to do with Elvis. After more than four years of blogging I thought I'd exhausted that particular subject, but yesterday another Elvis memory came to me.

While listening to "A Thing Called Love" from the He Touched Me album I suddenly remembered the first time I heard that song. In my mind I was transported back in time and place, to a summer evening at my grandparents cottage in Denmark, where I spent all my summer vacations.

Like a lot of my Elvis memories some parts are still clear while others are more blurred. I do remember sitting in the sofa with my grandparents' old transistor radio in front of me on the table, turning the tuner knob on the AM band, trying to find some Elvis music. I think the reason for this was that the it was August 16, 1982, five years after Elvis death, but I'm not 100 percent sure.

But this I remember vividly: suddenly the radio noise transforming itself to an Elvis song sounding from the speaker that I'd never heard before. Yes, you guessed right, it was "A Thing Called Love." With the help of the tuner knob I tried to make the sound as clear as possibly, and was rewarded with even more Elvis music.

As it turned out, I'd stumbled over some kind of Elvis radio special. Here my memory fails me again, but I think it was a broadcast from West Germany, playing from 9 PM to midnight. I do recall my grandparents going to bed (my grandpa after smoking his pipe in his rocking chair), leaving me with the radio and Elvis. I also remember hearing other Elvis songs for the first time, I think "It's Midnight" was one of them.

I'm glad this particular Elvis memory returned to me yesterday. It made me think of, not only the first time I heard "A Thing Called Love," but also of all the happy vacations I spent with my grandparents at their summer house.

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Mårtenbrother said...

A great memory, no doubt! Thanks for sharing!