Thursday, October 6, 2011

Elvis At Fresno Air Terminal Footage

It's always exciting to learn of new footage with Elvis. Today was no exception. Thanks to the Elvis Information Network I found myself watching a clip on YouTube of Elvis at the Fresno Air Terminal as he departs the day after performing his two back-to-back sold-out shows at Fresno's Selland Arena, April 26, 1973.

Lasting about three and a halv minutes,the footage shows the yellow "flying banana" DC-9 aircraft from Hughes Airwest as it arrives at the terminal, then one of the flight attendants looking excited with a camera in her hand, and finally the arrival of two limousines, Elvis exiting the last one, looking cool in one of his Cisco Kid suits, waving in the direction of the camera.

Other familiar faces include Vernon, Red West (wearing a Super Fly hat), Charlie Hodge, Dr. Nick, Joe Esposito and James Caughley a.k.a. "Hamburger James."

Watching the footage I noticed that more than one super 8 camera must have been present as the sequence of Elvis climbing aboard the plane is shown twice, from different angles. Another proof of this is the camera capturing a woman bouncing with happiness, movie camera in hand, as the plane is taxiing away.

I was pleased to see that the closing credits proved me right, stating that the "footage was taken by my mom & aunt¨." Reading this I also understood who the happy boy and girl featured in the footage were, and I smiled to myself as the next line scrolled over the screen: "Of course we missed school that day ;)"

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Mark said...

I am glad you enjoyed my video! I have been sitting on those reels for years...Yes, I am that little boy in the shots. I remember to this day the Hughes captain letting my sister and I tour the plane. Too bad we didn't get the footage of the band's plane, a chartered Lockheed turboprop that had loaded and left with the band and crew about a hour prior to the arrival of the Hughes charter. Some things you just never forget, like seeing elvis in concert and getting to cut school to see him off!!

Aloha from Hawaii!!

Thomas said...

Hi Mark,

thank you so much for posting the video as well as taking the time to commenting it here on my blog! What a great memory to have of that special day, and also of seeing Elvis in concert.

I enjoyed your video immensely, and also thought it was very professionally edited. And judging by comments on different forums, lots of fans have been as happy about it as I am.

All the best from Gothenburg, Sweden.