Monday, August 29, 2011

From Blog To Television

Fellow blogger Troy Y. over at The Mystery Train Elvis Blog made an impulsive decision about two weeks ago that led to him being on television talking about an upcoming Elvis release.

What Troy did was take a chance and e-mail various local news media in Richmond (where he lives) when FTD announced that their September release 48 Hours To Memphis (featuring Elvis' performance from March 18, 1974 at the Richmond Coliseum).was a multi-track rather than the expected soundboard.

Later the same day a reporter from WTVR CBS 6 contacted him. Troy went over the basics of the release, but turned down an interview, as he couldn't have a camera crew visiting him at work. But the reporter, being persistent (as reporters usually are, I know, I've been one) called back the next day and asked if Troy would do an interview after all. So, at his lunch break he went over to the studio and did the interview.

As Troy himself explains at the For Elvis CD Collectors forum, "The reporter was great to deal with and very enthusiastic throughout the whole thing. Overall, I was happy with how it turned out and felt it presented a positive view on Elvis."

I agree, I enjoyed watching it and felt that Troy was taking care of business. Hopefully, Ernst Jorgensen has seen it as well. It's not every day an FTD album gets promoted on television. How about sending Troy a free copy of 48 Hours To Memphis, Ernst?

Elvis at the Coliseum live in concert to be released (WTVR website)


Mike Hermenet said...

That is FANTASTIC that Troy did this...what a fascinating and unique way to promote 48 HOURS TO MEMPHIS!!!

Thanks so much for sharing this with us Thomas!!


MĂ„rtenbrother said...

Fantastic! And very well made Troy should get TEN copies of the CD!

Thomas said...

I agree, Mike and MĂ„rtenbrother, it's a fantastic thing Troy did! Not only should he get ten copies of 48 Hours To Memphis, Ernst should throw in the upcoming box set Young Man With The Big Beat as well!