Saturday, July 9, 2011

Elvis Now - Now And Then

What part Elvis should take in my life a particular day is often decided by myself, for example by way of a CD or a DVD. But he can also pop up in different ways when you least expect it, and quite often he does. The following story illustrates this.

Last month I spent a couple of days with my parents together with my wife and daughter. My mother had dug up a couple of old children's books from when I was little, including one in German called Lottes Tagebuch (Lottes' Diary).

Even though my German is rusty, to say the least, I decided to leaf through it, showing the pictures in it to my daughter. About halfway there was a picture showing Lotte browsing through some records in a rack, while in charge of the music at a friend's party. And, to my surprise, the record at the very front was titled Elvis Now.

I quickly went back to the inside of the front page, earning me a confused look from my daughter. I noticed that the book was printed in 1972, the year Elvis Now was released, so I came to the conclusion that's why that particular title was chosen. Now, why an Elvis album was at the front, I don't know. Maybe the author, Margareta Lööf was an Elvis fan and had recently bought Elvis Now.

That's the part Elvis played in my life that day. Not the biggest one by far, but a nice one, nevertheless. And it made me listen to Elvis Now when I came home again. But that's another Elvis experience altogether.

Elvis Now- An Appraisal (my review of FTD's classic album version)


Troy Y. said...

Great post! So, those kids must be rocking out to "Hey Jude" or "Fools Rush In." The interesting this is, the first Friday, June 5, to occur after the February 1972 release of Elvis Now is Friday, June 5, 1981.

Or maybe I am reading too much into a children's tale? ;)

Thomas said...

Thank you, Troy! Good detective work when it came to the date. Seems the author took greater care to get the record title right than what day of the week it was. Just came to think of a scene in the movie "Frequency" when that was not the case. The scene has Dennis Quaid browsing through his Elvis record collecion, and one of the albums is "Elvis In Concert". Only trouble is, the scene takes place in 1969 or 1970, if I remember correctly. I think Quaid and his wife then dance to "Suspicious Minds". (There you go, another moment when Elvis poped up when I didn't expect him to.)

Troy Y. said...

Hmm...hopefully I'll proofread my comment below a little more closer than I did the one I wrote above.

Anyway, Frequency is one of my favorite movies. I always figure the appearance of Elvis In Concert during that 1969 scene to be a foreshadowing of the various time distortions to follow.

Anything can happen when you start messing with the timeline. Great film! It sure was cool to hear "Suspicious Minds" playing full blast in the movie theater speakers way back when, too.