Sunday, May 1, 2011

The King In Ten Episodes

For ten years I worked as a journalist at a radio station called P4 Halland, one of Swedish Radio's 25 local channels around the country. I specialized in news reporting, but soon found myself making programs about Elvis as well.

On of my first efforts (in 2001) was a series of ten short episodes dealing with different parts of Elvis' career, both familiar and more unknown. With a running time of five to eight minutes each, I soon found the series broadcast on most of the other local channels as well. Although ten years ago I still remember how proud I felt.

Therefore I was glad to notice that my old place of work, P4 Halland, is repeating the series right now, broadcasting one episode each Tuesday. So far seven episodes have been made available on the station's website, among them one about Elvis' movie songs during the 60's, another telling the story of his first recordings and a third describing the making of the NBC TV Special in 1968.

So if you understand Swedish or just want to listen to some Elvis music, you're more than welcome to aquaint yourself with P4 Halland's "exclusive series in ten episodes about Elvis and his life," as it says on the their website.

"The King" i tio delar (P4 Halland)

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