Saturday, October 23, 2010

Guest Blog: "They Couldn't Put Diapers On Me"

In honor of Thomas and his wife having their first child, I've compiled a ranking of baby Elvis songs. Admittedly, not all of these songs refer to an infant baby. Many of them refer to a baby of the grown woman variety. I decided to leave those in because, after all, you can't have an infant baby without the other kind.

Before I get myself in any further trouble with the grown women of the world, on with the ranking . . . .

#1: Reconsider Baby
#2: Baby, Let's Play House
#3: Baby, What You Want Me To Do
#4: Baby, I Don't Care
#5: Like A Baby
#6: I've Got A Thing About You, Baby
#7: My Baby Left Me
#8: Merry Christmas Baby
#9: Bossa Nova Baby
#10: Rock-A-Hula Baby
#11: Santa Bring My Baby Back
#12: It's Your Baby, You Rock It
#13: Ain't That Loving You, Baby
#14: Baby, If You'll Give Me All Of Your Love
#15: I've Got To Find My Baby
#16: Your Time Hasn't Come Yet, Baby

Of course, if we expand this list to songs that include "baby" in the lyrics rather than the title, we'd have a lot more from which to choose. One fantastic song that comes to mind is "Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming" from the Promised Land album. Songwriter Rory Bourke talks about this one in Ken Sharp's Writing For The King (FTD):

"That song was written about my daughter, Allyson. I wrote it days after she was born. I think Elvis thought he was singing about a big grown up girl but in reality he was singing a song about my baby. His version was absolutely awesome. He caught the complete emotion of what I was trying to say about myself in relationship with this small bundle of love."

Elvis cut this song in 1973. By then, he had been a father for over five years. I personally think he knew exactly what kind of baby he was singing about, as he undoubtedly had similar thoughts while holding his own "bundle of love" for the first time. I've not joined the fatherhood club as of yet, but I imagine Thomas can suddenly relate to this song in a whole new way. Congratulations, buddy! All the best!

/Troy Y, The Mystery Train Elvis Blog


Thomas said...

What a nice thing to do, Troy! Thanks to you I have been listening to "Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming" quite a lot these last couple of days, and you're right, the song has suddenly taken on a completely new meaning. Holding my very own "bundle of love" is a very emotional thing. Thank you for another great guest blog, Troy!

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