Friday, July 2, 2010

Kid Galahad in Denmark

Reading Tygrrius latest post on The Mystery Train Elvis Blog, about him buying reprints of the two Memphis newspapers’ coverage of Elvis’ death in August 1977, made me think about the time I found an old newspaper from 1963 – with an Elvis movie ad in it.

This must have been in the late eighties or early nineties, during one of the times my family visited my grandparents in their house in Denmark. With eight persons under the roof me and one of my brothers had to sleep in the basement, on two old beds that weren't exactly manufactured yesterday.

As a matter of fact, those beds had at least 30 years under their belts, proof being a couple of old newspapers tucked away between the mattresses and the springs, as some kind of insulation, I guess. I pulled out one of the papers and noted that it was from the sixties.

Leafing through it, I stumbled across the movie pages. And there, among all the other ads, was one for Kid Galahad, together with a photo of Elvis. I don't remember if he wore a pair of boxing gloves or played the guitar, and I can't refresh my memory as I don't know where that ad is today.

What I do remember, was the special feeling looking at an ad that people had seen and read in 1963 (a little bit of research on the Internet told me Kid Galahad premiered in Denmark in February 27, 1963), deciding that Kid Galahad would be the movie they would catch that night, maybe with a friend or a date. Not such a bad choice, neither now nor then.

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Troy Y. said...

I love movie art. When I was a kid, I used to clip movie ads out of the newspaper and save them in a scapbook (I was, after all, a geek).

I only wish I had saved it, would have been fun to see them now. The only one I can remember being in there was Superman III, though I know there were tons more. No Elvis movies were released here in that time, unfortunately.

Mårtenbrother said...

I found stuff there, too! I saved an article about Ringo visiting the hospital.