Sunday, June 13, 2010

Elvis Today #300

Elvis Today has been up and running since August, 2007. As this marks my 300th post, I thought of a way to mark the occasion. About two weeks ago Tygrrius over at The Film Frontier blog celebrated his 500th post by looking back at his personal favorites. I hope you don't mind if I borrow your idea, Ty?

Being steadfast, loyal and true
(September 17, 2007)
In one of my first posts I wrote about the time I saw King Creole in a real cinema. I arrived late and was afraid there'd be no tickets left. I shouldn't have worried...

Introductions (September 26, 2007)
I never saw Elvis in person, but I've taken comfort in the fact that I've met and talked to a lot of musicians that once played for Elvis, such as D.J. Fontana and Glen D. Hardin.

Pot Luck with Elvis (November 31, 2007)
One of the aims with Elvis Today is sharing my thoughts about new Elvis albums. The first one I reviewed was Pot Luck in the classic album series done by FTD.

Blue Christmas – my very first Elvis records (December 24, 2007)
We all have one – the first record we bought with Elvis on the cover. For me it was Blue Christmas, a RCA LP manufactured in Sweden in 1976.

You have to own Tupelo's own (December 29, 2007)
What a great idea, to combine silent footage of Elvis performing live at the Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show in Tupelo 1956 with the recording of the same show. The DVD Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley is an amazing releases and its importance as a historical document is priceless.

Take me to the fair (January 21, 2008)
It's always interesting when "new" footage of Elvis is discovered. Albert Fisher hang out with Elvis during the shooting of It Happened At The World's Fair and brought along his 8mm movie camera.

Elvis was coming to Sweden (April 3, 2008)
One of my favorite pictures hanging on the wall at home is a framed concert poster promoting Elvis-The Concert, and the first tour date in Sweden, back in 1999. I'll never forget the expression on my buddy's face when "Also Sprach Zarathustra" started playing, like he couldn't believe this was really happening.

Special moments with FTD III (April 7, 2008)
If you could travel back in time to watch Elvis record a song, a good date to punch into the time machine would be September 11, 1967. The location? RCA's studio B in Nashville. The song? "You'll Never Walk Alone."

How That's The Way It is Was Woven (May 11, 2008)
One of my favorite FTD releases and also one of the reviews I'm most satisfied with. If you could own only one Elvis album (heaven forbid!) I would probably choose That's The Way It Is classic album.

3D Elvis (October 13, 2008)
Being a fan of 3D computer animated movies, I was delighted to find a clip on Youtube of a 3D animated Elvis singing "Tiger Man." Impressive stuff!

"Together they burn up the screen"
(December 9, 2008)
Viva Las Vegas is a fun movie to watch, if for no other reason because of the obvious chemistry between Elvis and Ann-Margret. "Together they burn up the screen," the trailer proclaims, and that's no exaggeration!

It's only live? (January 17, 2009)
Was the original Standing Room Only LP supposed to have been a live one or a half live/half studio album? When FTD announced their version I did some research.

The extra verse (February 9, 2009)
The songs "Spanish Eyes" and "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" included an extra verse when Elvis sang them live. But there are other versions of songs that all have an extra verse not found on the original releases. I thought it an interesting subject to write about.

Guest blog: I forgot all the words (July 24, 2009)
The above mentioned Tygrrius not only runs two blogs, among them the excellent The Mystery Train Elvis Blog. He's also written a guest blog for Elvis Today on the subject "Does Elvis forgetting the words to a song in a concert ruin the performance?"

Are you laughing tonight? (Aug 15, 2009)
This post was fun to write! Six laughing versions that show the funny side of Elvis, among them "Are You Lonesome Tonight," "Datin'" and "Beach Shack." I've always liked the way Elvis laughs, that's for sure!

From Elvis In Kosovo (August 7, 2009)
A couple of years ago I did a tour of duty with the Swedish Armed Forces stationed in Kosovo, as part of the peacekeeping mission. One of my army buddies digged Elvis too, so we organized an Elvis night in the mess room. Soon the place was cooking.

The King lives on in Malta
(October 23, 2009)
Elvis is alive and well on the island of Malta in the Mediterranean. At least in Qawra, a seaside resort town I visited during a one week holiday together with my folks. The day after our arrival we stumbled across an Elvis bar where a lifesize Elvis stand-up guarded the entrance.

Guest blog: I Can't Stop Loving ... Per!? (December 15, 2009)
I'm fortunate to have a brother who is as crazy about Elvis as I am. He's written two guest posts for Elvis Today, this one is about a music cassette he bought on sale titled I Can't Stop Loving You featuring Per 'Elvis' Granberg.

Good Times Never Seemed So Good (January 2, 2010)
The best album from the Follow That Dream label in 2009. In short, that's how I would summarize Good Times. This is another review I'm happy with.

Elvis Today – Behind The Scenes (January 7, 2010)
Some posts take more time to write than others. Looking back on my time with Elvis Today so far I'd say the three posts I've enjoyed the most to write have also been the most difficult ones.

There you have it, 20 posts from the 300 so far. I hope you enjoy reading Elvis Today. I certainly enjoy writing it.


Troy Y. said...

Congratulations on post #300! I've enjoyed them all. Keep 'em coming!

MĂ„rtenbrother said...

Yes, congratulations! That was fun, going thru old posts. As T. said, I've enjoyed every one of them! Thank you Thomas!