Saturday, May 29, 2010

Some good neighbor

Seems like Elvis hasn't left the building, at least not the one opposite mine.

I live in an apartment complex so big it's impossible to get to know all your neighbors. Sometimes I cast a glance across the yard, wondering what's going on inside the walls of the building opposite mine.

Not so long ago I noticed a new family moving in and was pleasantly surprised when I spotted an Elvis paper doll in one of their windows. Apparently I'm not the only Elvis fan living in one of the more than 1 000 apartments making up the complex.

I must admit I felt a little silly trying to photograph my discovery, and hope nobody noticed the camera and got the wrong idea about what I was doing.

Unfortunately, the paper doll is turned the wrong way, so I only captured the back of it. Is it the still from the "Jailhouse Rock" single?

One of these days I have to walk over, introduce myself and tell them that I'm into Elvis, too!


Troy Y. said...

Hey Thomas, have you ever seen Rear Window? It sounds like you may soon be living some kind of Elvis version of that. Funny stuff!

MĂ„rtenbrother said...

Put up one of your own! :-)