Monday, March 22, 2010

The Film Frontier (And Elvis Too!)

One of the reasons I started Elvis Today two and a half years ago was the lack of blogs about Elvis. Granted, there were a lot of sites about Elvis, but they were (and still are) more oriented towards news and seldom offers a more personal perspective.

The situation is still the same. Do a google search for "Elvis" and "blog" and you'll find just a few Elvis blogs, some of which haven't even been updated for a while. It's a bit surprising, giving all the fans out there who, like me, have Elvis taking part in their lives on a daily basis.

In fact, one of the few Elvis blogs that I've found, and also like the best, is one that isn't even all about Elvis. Called The Film Frontier it offers "new posts every weekend on pop culture/entertainment topics such as Star Trek, Superman, Star Wars, and Elvis Presley."

The guy running The Film Frontier calls himself Tygrrius and I often find myself being in complete agreement with his opinions when it comes to things having to do with Elvis. In fact, reading his latest post, A refreshing portrait of Elvis after the Army, had me thinking 1) why didn't I think of writing something about that and 2) a shame he doesn't write solely about Elvis (although I enjoy his other topics as well).

Enough said. Go visit The Film Frontier and see for yourself what I mean. And while you're at it, check out his excellent reviews of FTD albums at the Elvis Australia site.


Shane Tutmarc said...

I recently wrote about the world of rock and roll while Elvis was in the Army. I'm a big fan of post-Army Elvis, and my blog hopes to shine some light on why his music changed.

Thomas said...

Shane, I just read the post you mentioned and found it very interesting and well written!