Monday, February 22, 2010

From Gothenburg To London

"I'm so excited I could just ... Oh, I can't wait." That fan comment from the 1977 television special Elvis In Concert came to mind today as I realized it's only five days to go before I'm sitting in the Wembley Arena in London watching Elvis Presley In Concert.

Having read reports from both Elvis Unlimited and ElvisMatters it looks like I'm in for a good time. The opening is different from the one I experienced in 1999 and 2000, featuring the alternate 2001 theme known from Elvis On Tour while on the big screen the audience is transported "Google Earth style" to the arena. Then the real 2001 kicks in as Elvis walks towards the stage and the curtain falls away.

However great this will be, at the same time I can't help feeling a bit envious of those lucky enough to have experienced the real thing. Of course I'm looking forward to see "Elvis live on screen" but I'm not smiling from ear to ear like the lady does in Elvis In Concert while, looking to be in heaven, she exclaims, "I'm so excited I could just ... Oh, I can't wait."

On the other hand, Elvis Presley In Concert is the next best thing. More than 30 years after Elvis passed away I'm going to share an incredible experience with thousands of other fans in that arena in London, listening to Elvis' music at full blast. I guess I'm starting to feel a bit excited, after all.

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