Monday, September 7, 2009

Live on screen one more time

When Elvis Presley in Concert, formerly known as Elvis The Concert, returs for another European tour next year I'm going to be in the audience when the show plays the Wembley Arena in London on February 27. And it's all thanks to my wife.

"Why don't we go there?" she said when I read about the tour a while back and mentioned it in passing to her. As I thought about it, I realised that it would be rather nice travelling to London to see Elvis in concert, if only "live on screen." After all, I haven't visited London in 25 years, and the last time I saw Elvis The Concert was in the year 2000.

Looking back, I never thought it would last as long as it has. As stated on, "Elvis Presley In Concert reunites former Elvis band mates live on stage with a state of the art video-projected Elvis." But a while back Jerry Scheff sent the message that he decided to quit touring with the TCB band in Elvis Presley The Concert.

In a way, I understand him. The production has been going on for more years than Elvis himself toured during the 70's, and the song lineup is basically the same as it was in 1997, when the first prototype show was held in in Memphis. If Elvis concerts didn't change much during the final years of his life, imagine what it must feel like being on stage now, with no room for improvisation whatsoever. And let's not forget that the musicians are getting older, most of them are now in their early seventies.

Still, I look forward to see Elvis Presley In Concert, for what I feel will be the last time. And my wife will be pleased, too. She will finally have a look at Ronnie Tutt in action!

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