Sunday, August 16, 2009

Elvis Today, Tomorrow And Forever

In Memphis, this years edition of Elvis Week is coming to an end. Thanks to the Elvis Information Network I've been able to keep track on what's going on, and as always I remember my trip to Graceland during Elvis Week 2005.

Unfortunately, the media coverage here in Sweden has been practically zilch when it comes to the anniversary of Elvis' passing. And just like on January 8 this year, TCM (Turner Classic Movies) disappoints us here in Europe by showing not a single Elvis movie on August 16. The American edition, however, delivers in great style, screening no less than 13 of the Kings movies.

Returning to Elvis Week, today was also the day when Ernst Jorgensen would attend and talk about upcoming Elvis projects. Apparently he appeared on the Sirius Radio where he stated that he had three engineers working on three different classic albums - but couldn't tell which one would be the first in line to be released.

He did reveal, though, that the next FTD release will be a 1974 rehearsal tape previously released on the bootleg From Sunset Boulevard To Paradise Road. That is great news, at least to me, as I've never succeeded in obtaining this title.

So ends Elvis Week and August 16. Thanks for reading Elvis Today. And thank you, Elvis.

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