Saturday, November 8, 2008

"We are spoiled folks, remember that!"

It seems the upcoming FTD release I'll Remember You from Las Vegas, February 1973 is stirring up a lot of feelings, at least among the readers of The problem seems to be the show is the same one that has already been released on bootleg two times, first as It's A Matter Of Time back in 1993 and then only last year under the title Vegas Rhythms.

One reader, for example, writes that it's an insult to fans who have already bought this concert two times, and that Ernst Jorgensen isn't the right person to lead the FTD label. Another one thinks it's a very stupid move by FTD while a third says that Ernst isn't suitable for the job. Harsh words, indeed.

My thoughts on the subject are these: I think many of those who criticize Ernst are die hard fans who buy every FTD release and also own a lot of bootlegs. Because they collect everything FTD offers, they get upset when it turns out an album has already been released as an import record. But come on, either buy it to maintain a complete collection or just skip it! It's not as there aren't any other releases around.

As for I'll Remember You, my guess is that there are no other soundboards available from this particularly Las Vegas season, and I think that's the reason for it being released instead of another show. Ernst goal (or so I've heard) is to release a show from every tour and season, so not to release this one would be a strange decision, to say the least.

That doesn't mean I don't think everyone has the right to criticize, but let's do it in a constructive way. I for one think the titles are very unimaginative, and I'll Remember You is no exception. I also feel that the layout of the covers often leaves a lot to be desired. And that Ernst is using the same photo for the cover as the one used on Vegas Rhythms isn't something to applaud, either.

But all in all, I think Ernst Jorgensen and Roger Semon are doing a great job. During the 10 years or so that FTD has existed over 70 albums has been released by the label. That's about as many as RCA put out during Elvis' lifetime! It's like someone wrote on (a lot of readers are defending Ernst, too): We are spoiled folks, remember that!


Mike Edwards said...

Nice post. I enjoy what FTD offers and think they do a pretty damn good job.

isra said...

sorry, I don't speak english but I LOVE ELVIS

congratulations for your blog