Thursday, August 7, 2008

Duets that divide the fans

Judging by different message boards on the Internet, it looks like half the fans feel the upcoming Christmas Duets album will be a big hit for Elvis, while the other half thinks it's gonna harm his image.

Personally, I'm not that excited either way. Maybe I would've been 15 years ago when Frank Sinatra's duet album was climbing the charts. Now, to me, the whole idea of a duet album seems like an old, obsolete one.

On another level, it will of course be interesting to hear how good these Christmas duets work technically. In other words, if the songs sound as if they were recorded by Elvis and his "guest artists" in the same studio at the same time, or if they feel artificial.

Finally, I do admit I'm a little bit curious as to why only a partial track listing has been released. Could it be we're in for an surprise and one of the tracks not listed will be a duet between father and daughter?


Troy Y. said...

Lisa actually did a fantastic version of "Silent Night" (not a duet, just her) a few years ago on a various artists Christmas CD. Everytime I play it, people ask me who it is because they like it so much and they are shocked to find out that it's her.

Mike Edwards said...

I would love for Lisa to be on it, but I do not see it happening.