Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Who's talking on Mary in the morning?

A while back I wrote about what I believe is Elvis's chair creaking in "This Is Our Dance" (you can read about it here). But that's not the only song from June, 1970, that contains a little mystery.

The other one is "Mary In The Morning" where you can hear somebody talking in the background at the end of the song. Actually, I think it's two persons carrying out a conversation.

You have to listen closely to catch this, it starts about 3 minutes and 30 seconds into the song, right where Elvis sings, "And as we walk, I hold her close beside me." It's impossible to discern what they are talking about, but it's definitely male voices.

Now, what on earth is going on? My guess is this originates from the overdub session some two weeks later, as I can't hear it on the undubbed version, available on the Rough Cut Diamonds Volume 2 bootleg.

But if it's the microphone picking up some musicians not participating in the overdub (according to Joe Tunzi's Elvis Sessions III 23 musicians were in attendance) or if it's producer Felton Jarvis chatting with engineer Al Pachucki, who can tell? What do you think?

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