Thursday, May 29, 2008

More Love Letters From Elvis

Oups, I must have been more tired than I thought last night, writing about Love Letters From Elvis. The "pissing" version of "Heart Of Rome" does NOT originate from the June 1970 recordings, obviously, but instead from the rehearsals Elvis did on July 24 the same year for his forthcoming Las Vegas engagement.

Still, you never know, maybe he did the same thing with the lyrics on an alternate take back in Nashville. If not, you have to make do with the July version available on the bootlegs The Brightest Star On Sunset Boulevard, Vol 2 and Cut Me & I Bleed.

Speaking of Love Letters From Elvis, have you noticed what I think has to be Elvis chair creaking in "This Is Our Dance" about 20 seconds into the song? It starts when Elvis sings "Wait till everybody has gone" and lasts a couple of seconds.

Elvis does mention a problem with his chair on take 1 of "Mary In The Morning" recorded the day before and available on the recently released That's The Way It Is from FTD: "Wait a minute, the chair keeps popping, man," he laughs. So maybe I'm onto something, right?

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Troy Y. said...

I've noticed that sound and always wondered what it was. It was almost like a guitar string being over-tightened, but you're right it may very well have been Elvis' chair creaking. I didn't even think about that when he made the comment on "Mary In The Morning" - good call! "This Is Our Dance" was only the next day, so maybe it was still a problem.