Friday, April 18, 2008

Find out what's happening

Having been away from home for two days I immediately turned on my computer to get in touch with what had happened in the Elvis world. Thanks to I quickly found out I hadn't missed much:

1. April FTDs maybe delayed. Well, no big surprise there.

2. Bootleg CD re-issues of the UK K-Tel (sounds like a guy from Supermans homeplanet Krypton) albums are now available on eBay. I bought one of them, Inspirations, on LP back in the 80's, and thought it was a great introduction to Elvis gospel music. But a CD bootleg version? No, thanks!

3. A computerised image of how the "New Overton Park Shell" may look like when it is finished in 2009 was the most interesting piece of news. Actually it looks pretty cool - except that the famous rainbow is gone.

4. An Elvis diamond supposedly created using the DNA from one of Elvis' hairs with a staring-bid of US $ 50,000. That one I won't even comment.

Still, thanks to the Internet I'm now once again fully updated. Hmm, maybe I'm gonna give the old LP Inspirations a spin...


Anonymous said...

Nice to read we could be of service :-)

Thomas said...

What can I say? You're my favorite Elvis-website!